Brisk Iced Tea Beverage Cans

BRISK Iced Tea

Concept Development Branding / Campaign

The student project consists of redesigning the product's packaging followed by creating two sets of advertisement series for both print and digital mediums for BRISK Iced Tea.

The packaging presents a clean and refreshing design along with hand-drawn illustrations in saturated colours to convey the natural and flavours of the beverage.

Concept Development

The concept of this redesign is to incorporate a story of the beverage flavour's origin and the end product. The illustrations at the top of the can show the lemon in its purest form, while the illustrations at the bottom show the lemon, either sliced or served in the pitcher, with the beverage to imply its natural flavour. For the advertisement series, the concept is to use simple yet recognizable digital icons to convey the message reinforced in the tagline. The loading and search icons support the message of the advertisements.

Branding / Campaign

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