Front and Back Cover of the BUZZ Investor Report

BUZZ Coffee Co.
Investor Report

Corporate/ Editorial Prepress/ Production

This project consists of designing and producing an annual report from a large document supplied by the client. The working files must meet the industry standard and follow standard production techniques. To complete, the project must be submitted as a printed report with perfect-binding.

Corporate and Editorial

This student project arranges the client supplied text into different layouts to create interest in the spreads while maintaining legibility for its readers. The consistent grid system creates order and unity while the different elements such as the text hierarchy, illustrations and photography create balance when combined with the large amount of text.

Prepress and Production

Working to build industry-standard working files during the process of designing the report is a major part of the project. The production of the designed annual report consists of working with printers and running numerous trials to achieve a printed piece that has no printing errors. When perfect-binding, craftsmanship is important with accurate trimming and scoring to achieve high quality folding signatures, and applying the perfect amount of glue to the book block and the cover.

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