Image showing editorial and digital design for KOI


App Design UI/UX Design

The project consists of designing the interface of an app that follows the same concept as the print treatment in the previous project. The purpose of the app should also consider the publication’s objective. The process includes creating an Information Architecture map, wireframes, interface design in the primary viewport, and one screen in the secondary viewport.

App Design

As the user experience designer and content creator of the project, the role is responsible for planning, designing, and presenting the design for the app. Starting with the concept, the app "KOI" is a platform for the community to shop the latest products and discover incredible works of women who are often underrepresented within the industry. The goal of this app is inclusivity and this is achieved by providing a shopping experience customized to each individual’s preferences. This also includes featuring editorial content inspired by female leaders from different backgrounds.

UI/UX Design

The UI elements are customized to match the aesthetic of the publication, using dark grey as the background colour with white as the secondary colour for the icons and buttons.

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