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KOI Reconstruction

Typography Editorial

The student project consists of writing and designing a print treatment in four spreads including the cover, navigation spread, and feature article spreads. Based on the research and creative brief, the print treatment should align with the publication’s goal and effectively communicate the message of the chosen concept.


The concept of reconstruction is a metaphor for the act of taking apart the current unhealthy environment surrounding streetwear and reconstructing it to be more welcoming and inclusive. The experimental use of the letterforms in the Roc Grotesk family allows for diverse widths and weights to act as a metaphor for the diversity that the project aims to achieve in the community.


KOI Reconstruction is an editorial print piece that brings awareness to and highlights the contributions of underrepresented women in the streetwear community. The print piece takes the form of a coffee-table book, similar to many fashion-related editorial mediums. The chosen collection of spreads for this book supports the publication’s goal to provide resources and inspiration for women through relevant stories, articles, photographs, and visual art.

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