Poster of 2021 Ascenders New York Exhibition

2021 Ascenders
New York Exhibition

Concept Development Typography

This poster promotes The Type Directors Club, 2021 Ascenders Exhibition using the assigned letter 'a' as the main design element and incorporating the supplied content of the event's information.

Concept Development

For the concept, the focal point is the Rubik’s Cube to symbolize the design process that the target audience is familiar with. It is a metaphor for the design process in how both start with many solutions but only require one to complete the puzzle. The bright and saturated colour palette represents the playful ideating stage of the design process.


The heavy, condensed sans serif typeface creates a vintage style to represent the remarkable history of both the event and organization. Each side of the Rubik’s Cube uses a complementary colour combination that displays the six well-known serif and sans serif typefaces: Futura, Helvetica, Bodoni, Times New Roman, Garamond, and Century.

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