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Concept Development Branding / Campaign

The objective of the student project is to research and find a social issue and overcome its communication struggles by designing a new visual identity. The project requries creating a logo and brand toolkit for a non-profit organization to bring awareness to the social issue, including five expressions with the new logo.

Concept Development

The objective is to create a brand for a non-profit organization. The topic of consumerism inspired the concept of the fictional non-profit organization called "minus the ad". After researching the topic, the method of "subvertising" to bring awareness to consumerism inspired the direction for the brand. Playing around with the name for the organization, the use of the word "add" as a homophone to "ad" is combined with minus to imply the subtraction of advertisements in our surroundings today.

Branding / Campaign

Continuing with the mathematical reference, the use of the symbol for minus or subtraction is used in the organization's logo. A brand toolkit or standard guide is then created to ensure the brand is represented accurately and consistently in all applications in the future. Expressions are used to give a vision of how the brand identity will look in visual collateral.

Following the creation of the non-profit organization, the launch of the campaign aims to introduce the organization and their values to the public. The campaign targets public and digital spaces to bring awareness to what the space would look like if there were less advertisements occupying it.

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